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The Farm

The property is located off the Buckland Gap Road in Murmungee, Victoria about 10 minutes' drive from Beechworth towards Myrtleford and Bright with a beautiful backdrop the Stanley state forest.


There's a bit under 30 acres or 11 hectares in total with about 5 acres of remnant bush at the back. There's about 50 established olive trees and a marvelous old fig tree but other than that it's been used for grazing cattle and sheep for the last 80 years or so. The previous owner's  did some native re-vegetation work in the lower gully's about 15-20 years ago and we're really seeing the benefits now.


The soil across the property is typically not great and has become compacted in some areas due to stock so there's plenty of room for improvement. We're fortunate to have an area down the back in a wide Gully that's been collecting organic matter and nutrients off the hills for ages. This area also collects and holds more water than other areas so has been able to develop some dark, rich and crumbly soil. Great for market gardening.

In the future we've got plans to continue on with the native re-veg work, introduce the cell grazing method for our sheep, build an access track to the back areas, keep building fences and improve the water holding capacity of the landscape by building soil organic matter and implementing some small scale earthworks.

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