How do I get the goods?

We're offering a weekly produce box to people in the Beechworth, Myrtleford and Bright areas with pick-up locations in each town  (see below for local area pick-up location details). Home Delivery is also available in these areas for an extra 5 bucks.


Choose from a pre-set seasonal box or select your favourite things to make a custom box, or do both. Casual orders are more than welcome and subscriptions are available for the pre-set box.


Orders are made through our online shop - Click the "SHOP HERE (Local areas)" button above to head to the online shop. Orders run on a weekly cycle opening on Friday mornings and closing on Tuesday nights ready for pick-up / delivery on Thursday afternoons

If you're in the Wangaratta area our full range of produce is also available through the North East Food Hub by Wangaratta Wholefoods online shop. Click the "SHOP HERE (Wangaratta area)" button above to head to the online shop. This shop opens 8 am on Wednesdays and closes on Tuesdays at 5 pm. Pick up is from Wangaratta Wholefoods at 13 Baker St Wangaratta on Thursdays from 2 pm- 6 pm.

You can search Murmungee in the shop to find our produce or use the filters to select the type of produce your after e.g. vegetables, fruit, nuts etc. Or just have a scroll through the shop - there so many terrific local producers offering some great stuff. 

Seasonal Veggie Box:


There's a Small ($30) and Large ($45) box option; 

The Small box typically includes 6-8 of the more basic veggie items (occasionally fruit) and should be about right for 1-3 people; depending on how much you listened to your mum!

The Large box typically includes 10-12 veggie items (occasionally fruit) ensuring you'll be eating the rainbow each week. Put together with the average family in mind this should be about right for 3-5 large and small people (having said that 2 dedicated individuals could polish it off no worries). 

The bulk of the veggies are grown by us and we occasionally source some items from like minded local producers to help keep things interesting. 


We grow our veggies to be as nutrient-dense as possible using organic and regenerative practices. We also make sure all produce included from other growers are grown using organic principals (i.e. no sprays, chemicals or synthetic fertilisers used).


The pre-set box is easy, fun and great value. When the patch is abundant we often share it round through the box. If there's too much, then what a great chance to pass some on to your neighbours!


The other great thing is we can set up a Subscription to save having to order each week. 

Pre-Set Box Subscriptions:


Just sit back and enjoy what the season has to offer! Forget about having to order each week and we'll even deliver it to your porch (or side veranda) for an extra $5/week.


Subscriptions (AKA re-occurring orders) can be set up for the pre-set box (Large or Small). This can be for as long or short as you like. You can pause or stop at any time or cancel an order on any particular week if you're away etc. It’s easy to set up - Just give Bernie a call / text on 0438 847 988 and we'll sort it out. Note that box subscriptions are not currently available through the North East Food Hub.

Custom Box:

Just scroll the shop and order what you like or add in some extras on top of the pre-set box - easy! I mean, not everyone likes silverbeet and maybe you want to make pesto or pickle some figs. You may even have a home garden and just need the occasional extra - all good.


Text List:

Its hard to remember things sometimes so we've set up an automatic text reminder service - sign up to receive two texts a week with a link to the online shop; One when the shop opens for the week on Saturday morning and another before it shuts on Wednesday evening. These are automated texts and you can to opt-out any time.

We'll also occasionally send out details of any news and events! 

Swap or Trade:

We love a good non-money interaction. Perhaps you've got a windfall of fruit or nuts (organic/spray free of course) you'd like to trade or maybe you're cash poor and time rich and would like to swap some time in the patch for some veggies? Were open to suggestion.

Local area pick-up locations:


Silver Creek Sourdough

Thursdays from 12noon - 5pm

Boilerhouse Lane - off Gilchrist Ave, Beechworth 


The Village Trader, Myrtleford

Thursdays from 3pm-6pm

53 Standish St, Myrtleford


Bright Food Co-Op (Dumu Balcony Café), Bright

Thursdays from 2:30pm-5:00pm

4 Ireland St, Bright